Member/Client Surveys
Data Analysis
Research Design
At RepGraph we plan and conduct independent, objective research. We believe that careful planning is the key to successful outcomes and a thorough understanding of requirements is a necessity for good planning.
We have a proven track record in qualitative, quantitative primary and secondary data analysis. We have a combined experience of over 25 years in research, having worked with a wide variety of industries including membership organistions, finance, healthcare, PR, transportation and family businesses.
We work with a diverse range of clients including small and large companies, as well as membership organisations and public bodies. The projects we undertake vary in size and characteristics, from one-off exercises to regular, periodic research and reporting.
We place emphasis on providing reports for our clients with informed, focused insight and pertinent graphical representations. We produce outputs for many different purposes including internal briefing, benchmarking, press releases, lobbying and sector research.
RepGraph consultants have many years of industry experience designing research using a variety of techniques including Big Data mining, online surveys, interviews, focus groups, case studies, content analysis as well as more recently developed tools for requirements determination.
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We produce detailed proposals and proof of concept exercises for our clients to assist them in project decision making and refinement of requirements. This not only saves money but also produces far better outcomes.