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Services - Data Analysis
RepGraph provides statistical analysis and interpretation of research data. This may be research carried out by RepGraph, commissioned by ourselves on your behalf or data gathered by your organisation. We also conduct data cleansing exercises on a bespoke basis.

How does RepGraph handle data?
Process management, careful planning and consistent cleansing techniques are employed to ensure good quality data by removing systematic and non-systematic errors. Data suitability are checked statistically to ensure that meaningful answers are obtainable from the available data.

We often work with large and medium sized, complex datasets that are difficult to process using traditional applications and techniques. We employ data mining methods to explore Big Data in search of patterns and/or systematic relationships between variables, and also to validate findings by applying the detected patterns to new subsets of data.

RepGraph develops domain knowledge through research and communication with our clients. This not only assists with data validation but also guarantees that outputs such as online reports and presentations have the right context and are relevant to the target audience.

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