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Services - Surveys
RepGraph has developed a wide variety of surveys and questionnaires as stand-alone projects or as part of large research exercises including:

  • Client/Member sentiment surveys
  • Research into best practice
  • Annual state of the industry publications
  • Public attitudes to industry surveys

  • Our approach to producing surveys generally follows these steps:
    1. Establish the goals of the project - What do you want to learn?
    2. Determine the sample. Who will you ask?
    3. Choose interviewing methodology - How will you survey? (Phone, email, interview etc.)
    4. Create the questionnaire - What types of questions? (Multiple choice, rating scales etc.)
    5. Pre-test the questionnaire
    6. Conduct interviews or deploy the questionnaire
    7. Analyze the data
    8. Produce the reports
    RepGraph is expert in constructing questionnaires that ensure the wording is appropriate, clear, understood and unbiased.

    We develop bespoke online, interactive surveys especially for organisations or employ off-the-shelf survey tools tailored to individual needs. We can also arrange and manage telephone and face-to-face interviews which we sub-contract to an established partner research company.

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